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    1964 Porsche 356C OUTLAW Coupe

Car #:
  2.4-liter Type-4
  1,227 miles

This Outlaw started as a 1964 356 C Coupe. It was stripped to bare metal and has been restored to show car finish. Gary Emory did the metal and body work along with installing the Porsche 911 rear suspension and 901 5 speed gearbox. The car was then given to New Start Auto Restoration to be painted to perfection.

While in paint and body work was being done, Pelc Bug built a 2.4 liter Type 4 motor. It utilizes a 911 fan and alternator and has a Scat 78mm forged crank, 103mm JE forged pistons and H-beam connecting rods. 914 2.0 heads and a C-45 camshaft make up the internal build. Weber 48 IDA carburetors and custom equal length header complete the intake and exhaust systems.

The 911 rear suspension w/adjustable spring plates and boxed front control arms with cambered spindles give the car a great set up. Koni shocks in front and Carrera shocks in the rear along with a 19mm front sway bar assist in keeping the Outlaw well planted at speed. The 944 Turbo vented and cross drilled front disc brakes along with 911 rear brakes are up to the task of keeping up with the speed and handling dished out by the engine and suspension. 16X6 Fuchs wheels with 205/50-16 Bridgestone tires complete the package.

This car is a thrill to drive. It accelerates brakes and handles like no other 356 we’ve ever driven. What strikes us most is the attention to detail taken during the build of this car. It is near concours and would do very well amongst its peers at the Dana Point Concours in the Outlaw division.

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